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Product Name: The Life of Jesus by Julian Doyle

Product price: £9.95  no VAT
€12.44    $15.42    

Product code: ISBN0000000

Brand: Monty Python

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The Life of Jesus by Julian Doyle

The book that will ruin Christmas !

Prepare to leave your assumptions, suppositions, familiar notions
and points of view far behind as you set off with Julian Doyle on this joyfully
mischievous journey of discovery and self-discovery.

"It's a wild, chaotic, bronco-busting ride in
an out-of-control fairground, but hang on in there
- it's worth it."

- Terry Jones

"I was sent a complimentary copy and, to be honest, I threw it in the bin,
as instructed by Sarah Palin.
My lawyers are currently looking at a copy and rather enjoying it."
- Michael Palin


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